ALP USB Rechargeable COB Tactical LED Flashlight
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ALP Generator
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ALP USB Rechargeable COB Tactical LED Flashlight


Don't get stuck in the dark! Our USB Rechargeable COB Tactical LED Flashlight offers 4 modes (high, low, strobe and SOS) and is easily rechargeable with its included USB cable, which plugs directly into your APL Propane generator! Rechargeable lithium battery can also be swapped out with triple A batteries.
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy; Size: 12.4*3.4*3.2cm, weight: 113g. IP55 water-resistant, rain-proof
  • LED Source: XML-T6 LED cold white light, max output: 10W. 
  • Operation Modes: 4 modes (high, low, side light, SOS)
  • Max Light Output: 1500 lumens
  • Lighting Distance: 100 meters
  • Battery Type: Removeable Lithium
  • Lighting Time: 1.5-6 hrs
  • Package: Flashlight, USB cable & plastic box

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All of our generators are propane-powered, meaning longer run times, safer storage, and significantly more environmental friendliness than gasoline-powered competitors.

60 Hour Run-Time

ALP propane generators offer long-lasting 60-hour runtimes on 20 lb at 25% load, eliminating the need to store dangerous gas tanks. With less worry of running out of fuel – like with traditional gas generators – ALP keeps you powered under any circumstance.


Our ALP Generators won't rumble and tumble like traditional gas generators. At under 52 dBA, our generators are ideal for camping and emergency use situations. Just turn it on, sit back, and enjoy the beautiful sound of mother nature.


At just under 30 lb, the ALP 1000 W generator's lightweight and compact design makes it a breeze to transport and store. And, the top-mounted carry handle allows you to take our generator wherever you go with ease.


Our 1000 W generator is powerful enough to keep your fridge turned on and drinks cold! Don't stress about rotten food in a power outage; plug into our generator and keep your fridge running for hours!
*Use outdoors in a well-ventilated area only.


Each of our generators comes mounted with an ultra-bright LED light for ease of use and added security in dark situations – no need for a separate lantern or draining the battery on your cell phone.

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