Shipping and Returns

Shipping and Returns

4 Week Return Policy (standard distance selling terms).

Can return a product, new, unused, in original packaging & within this time period and expect a full refund (less any postage costs). Only applies to products purchased on

1 Year Product warranty

Ensures that product will be in full working order upon delivery and will be of a quality which, within parameters of reasonable* use, is guaranteed for this period. If a manufacturing defect occurs within this time, the product can be returned for repair/exchange. Find our Warranty and Repair Forms here.

We do not issure refunds for Generators that have been misused, modified or damaged.

According to Federal Law, you must drain all oil from your ALP Generator before shipping it back to us.

Reasonable use does not include damage caused by behavior that would cause damage to a generator or are outside the guidelines as stated in the ALP Generator Instructions

ALP Generator Waiver of Liability

ALP Generator LLC will not be liable for any damage or personal injury caused by misuse of the ALP Generator product. Users will take full responsibility for their health and safety once purchase has taken place and this signed waiver confirms the acceptance of these terms.

Recommended Set-up Guidelines and Terms of Use.

I, the customer agrees:

  • A visual and tactile inspection of my ALP Generator products will be carried out prior to each use.
  • I hereby confirm that any personal injury or damage caused by the misuse of ALP Generator will be my sole responsibility and that ALP Generator LLC is exempt from all liability or prosecution.